About Us

Mission Statement

The main Objectives of IOBM are outlined in the Memorandum of Association

IOBM interprets and is committed to delivering these main Objectives in the following ways:

» Promoting and delivering biodynamic principles and practice, as developed by Gerda Boyesen, in to the field of medicine, and in to the public, private, voluntary and community sectors and in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, integrated medicine, health, education, humanities, arts, science and community development

» Conducting longitudinal and other research work into how biodynamic therapies are effective in the treatment and case of clients suffering from a variety of specific conditions or as a result of specific life circumstances.

» Conducting research work into the unconscious processes, their effects upon both physical and mental health and how this affects the structure and function of community and society.

» Qualifying and licensing its graduates for professional, academic and consultancy work in the biodynamic field. Graduates have excellent prospects for proceeding into private practice as biodynamic psychotherapists and practitioners.

» Providing consultancy and delivering quality services to business, health and social service providers and others.

» Maintaining and publishing the IOBM Register of Licenced Biodynamic Practitioners which gives details of IOBM Biodynamic Practitioners who offer consultations, treatments and sessions to those seeking our professional services.

» Offering consultations, treatments, block therapy and a range of referral and other services through the long established Biodynamic Clinic. In this structure clients have the overview of the Clinical Director, Mary Molloy and can work with her (by request) in addition to working with IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners who are the consultant staff of the The Biodynamic Clinic.

» Developing relationships with partner organisations in the academic, voluntary and corporate sectors and with other service providers.

» Providing well-structured and relevant training for its students. IOBM Graduates are equipped to benefit in their own lives from the application of biodynamic philosophy and methods as well as being competent to provide those benefits to others.

» Providing a supportive environment including access to Supervision for its Graduates through the Codes of Ethics and Practice, opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and a range of other Members Services for all Members.

» Providing in its legal, constitutional and administrative infrastructure a sound framework for the achievement of IOBM’s Objectives, and for the implementation of its Codes and Equal Opportunities Policy.

» Providing opportunities for its Student and Full Professional Members to contribute to the ongoing development of IOBM through representations and through the established procedures of the Institute.

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