Block Therapy

The facility of block therapy is one of the longest established services offered through the Biodynamic Clinic.

Block therapy offers the opportunity to consolidate the experience of your biodynamic process with extended quality time and attention in each extended session of 2.5  hours.

We recommend a series of 20 hours as a foundation taken as 8 x 2.5 hour – half day clinics or 4 x 5 hour – day clinic – with lunch break, and review to complete, continue or revert to ongoing 1hour or 1.5 hour or 2 hour regular sessions. 

Block therapy is a very supportive and practical solution if you have far to travel, have reached a plateau in your life or process, or you wish to make the choice to take extra time to experience deeper self-discovery or to address a particular issue or health matter.

Please Note: Hospital, Corporate or Home Visits can also be arranged.

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