The Biodynamic Clinic During Training

Apprentice Clinic

During their training with IOBM, students who undertake the Practitioners Course module enter into an Agreement to provide Voluntary Service during Training.

Gerda Boyesen at The Biodynamic Clinic during Training in London 2004

This outlines IOBM and The Biodynamic Clinic terms and conditions as they relate to the apprentice biodynamic practitioner’s introduction to and establishment of clinical practice, professional conduct, supervision, boundaries management, writing case notes and keeping client files etc during their training and apprenticeship.


Apprentice biodynamic practitioners work under supervision of an IOBM Licensed Biodynamic Supervisor and Team Leader where indicated.

Through this model The Biodynamic Clinic offers low-cost biodynamic services in a variety of external treatment venues as well as in-house.

After practitioners have gained sufficient experience in this supervised model, have reached the required level of competency and have been seen and assessed to fulfil professional standards of practice, they can move on to the next level, still as an Apprentice.

This involves an application to register a place of practice, which can be in their own home if a clear space is provided, or in an established centre, in either case, approved by the Professional Standards Committee.

Apprentices can begin to practice independently, and meet with their IOBM Supervisor for regular supervision in small groups or in individual supervision, as needed.

After the period of Apprenticeship is over, Apprentices present their case-work and observations to a panel of the Professional Standards Committee for Assessment.

Successful Candidates are issued with the IOBM Practising Certificate at the appropriate level of practice reached.

Those who hold the Practicing Certificate at any level can apply for the IOBM Practice Licence in order to begin their independent practice as a qualified biodynamic practitioner at that level.

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