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Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine 2019

The new Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine offers an inspiring and enriching opportunity to dive deeply into this gentle, highly effective way of working.

During this course, we introduce a new understanding and approach to life and share pioneering knowledge that can change the way you work and live.

Experience the biodynamic approach – and unlock its life-changing potential

The Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine is the perfect starting point for those wanting to learn more about the biodynamic philosophy and approach.

Developed by clinical psychologist Gerda Boyesen over 60 years ago – and evolved by the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine since 1989 – biodynamic methods are used with clients from all over the world to ease physical and psychological discomfort, and bring greater health and wellbeing into their lives. 

How it works

Using carefully selected treatments and techniques, biodynamic practitioners work to activate and optimise the innate healing mechanism of the body known as ‘psycho-peristalsis’. This can be monitored by listening to bio-feedback via a loudspeaker stethoscope placed on the abdomen of the client during treatment.

Gerda discovered that this mechanism of vegetative discharge – ‘the great secret’ – is innate and available to us all. It allows us to release the effects of emotional conflict that many of us hold in our bodies.

Rebalance the flow of life energy and body fluids

Drawing on a number of fields including medicine, neuroscience, psychology and psychotherapy – together with specialised massage and bodywork treatments – biodynamic interventions work in a powerful way to re-balance the flow of ‘life energy’ and fluids in the body.

Unresolved emotions can be worked through, stress and tension released, and inflammation, pain and symptoms, arising from many conditions, reduced. Draining excess nervous fluid and freeing bio-energy in the body restores healthy pulsation in the cells. This can bring feelings of lightness and deep relaxation, as well as increased clarity, vitality and confidence

“There is a healing mechanism that dissolves musclular and nervous tension and resolves emotional and psychological conflict on the organic and unconscious level.”                                                                                                                                                        Gerda Boyesen


Who is the Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine Course for?

If you are a healthcare or holistic practitioner, learning more about how this effective approach can enhance the way you work. It will give you valuable new tools and skills, pioneering knowledge and a broadly applicable biodynamic approach to incorporate into your life and your practice.

If you have been or are a client, group member or participant in one of our biodynamic programmes, and want to take your interest further, this course is for you. You will gain a new perspective and deepen your experience.

If you are interested in training and qualifying in a new and exciting profession, this course is the required foundation and first year for all further biodynamic training and qualifying courses with the Institute.

There is growing evidence that scientific studies are beginning to validate some of the Gerda Boyesen concepts … The emerging generation of physicians and surgeons are questioning old dogmas ….

The purity and simplicity of (Gerda Boyesen’s) work has been maintained in the training of students of the Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy in London and Killala in the West of Ireland.” [ now Institute of Biodynamic Medicine.]

Peg Nunneley

January 2000 in the Preface of 'The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions'

Deciding to follow my interest in the biodynamic field was the best decision I ever made. With the goal of becoming a biodynamic psychotherapist, I was accepted into the training which not only taught me how to become a practitioner, but also how to deal with and clear the things that I had taken on in the past but were not mine.

I had total support from the trainers who were there for me and with me all the way. They showed me a new world of emotion, understanding, direct communication, depth, resolution and how to be myself. These qualities are now constant companions with me in my working and inner life. I have the utmost gratitude to GBII for offering these life changing methods, for my own self-growth, and also for the tools I now use to help others.

TW Graduate

Learn the concepts, experience the practice

As well as being a stand alone qualification, the Foundation Diploma is the required first year foundation to train and qualify further in the field of biodynamic massage, biodynamic psychotherapy and the newly emerging field of biodynamic medicine.

Over the course of eight weekends and two five-day residential seminars monthly over 10 months (or if overseas, five six-day seminars bi-monthly over 10 months) – during the Foundation Diploma you will:

  • Explore key biodynamic concepts. We will guide you through the core ideas underpinning this gentle but highly effective way of working, and share key findings from the body of research supporting its therapeutic value
  • Learn about cycles. We will explain how biodynamic methods can be used to work with unresolved emotions, including those that can arise during everyday life, or as a result of shock or trauma. Freeing bio-energy and trapped emotional fluid in the body can help to complete emotional and physiological cycles, bring much-needed relief and release, and restore pulsation and circulation on all levels.
  • Gain biodynamic tools. You will gain powerful tools to incorporate into your life as a whole, helping in a professional context if you work as a practitioner, but also more broadly in your life, in areas such as self-regulation and boundary setting.
  • Experience biodynamic work for yourself. The experiential aspect of the training is fundamental. You will feel the effects of biodynamic work for yourself, working in pairs and small groups. You will also have the opportunity to practice biodynamic methods with your fellow students under supervision.
  • Work with the leaders in this field. The Foundation Diploma is taught by senior licensed biodynamic psychotherapists and trainers, and visiting trainers, with a strong interest in international research and the therapeutic benefits of the biodynamic approach.

“My biodynamic training was for me a safe, secure, loving environment, in which I was guided, nurtured and supported to start my inward journey.  Because of my training, I have reconnected with my ‘self’ in a caring, non-judgemental and compassionate way.”                                          Student 

The course

 “Based on the amazing discoveries of Gerda Boyesen, this therapy was a completely new, holistic understanding of the physical and emotional workings of the body. No drugs or medications are used; just this deep knowledge and gentle massage techniques of releasing compromised energy channels, in order to re-establish the original free-flow of energy functions. I can recommend this work most highly to any age group.”                                    Client

A closer look at what’s covered

During this thoughtfully composed foundation course, we will take you through all the key aspects of the biodynamic approach, to give you a solid grounding in this field, and plenty of practical experience of its effects and benefits.  

Core biodynamic theories and principles

  • The ‘primary personality’
  • Psycho-peristalsis – theory, applications
  • Different sounds of psycho-peristalsis
  • Reich’s ‘cosmic’ laws
  • Vaso-motoric and psycho-dynamic cycles
  • Vegetative discharge
  • Emotional blood circulation
  • Fight and flight, freeze and the startle reflex pattern
  • From the libido to cosmic energy

Introduction to the theory and practice of:

  • Working with the loudspeaker stethoscope
  • Psycho-peristaltic self-regulation
  • Biodynamic massage
  • Psycho-somatic treatments
  • ‘Deep-draining’
  • Vegetotherapy
  • Energy body and bio-field
  • Biodynamic medicine
  • Biodynamic psychotherapy

Biodynamic group work

  • Biodynamic processes for groups
  • Vertical and horizontal levels
  • Understanding psychodynamic aspects in group work
  • Experiential exercises for expressing, building, resolving, completing
  • Containment, boundaries and the midwife approach
  • Group as a healing and supportive environment
Core approach and skills

  • Applications of the biodynamic approach
  • The importance of the initial consultation
  • Principles of supervision and mentoring
  • Developing the art of listening
  • Rooted talking
  • Therapeutic presence
  • Biodynamic attitude and environment
  • Mindfulness and the benefits of positive thinking
  • Alignment of heart, brain, gut and breath
  • The three hollows – and the vagus nerve
  • Harmonisation
  • Holistic living and biodynamic wellbeing


Concepts underpinning biodynamic methods

  • Independent wellbeing
  • Health and flow
  • Tension and charge, hyper and hypo-tonus
  • Plasma-Faradic and plasma-Galvanic principles
  • Rhythm and breath
  • Diaphragm as the ‘gate to the unconscious’
  • Open and closed systems
  • Solidification
  • Tragic and trivial levels
  • Emptying, exit and distribution
  • Grounding and harmonisation

Biodynamic relating

  • The art of biodynamic relating
  • Meeting people
  • Creative expression
  • Moving forward
  • Polyvagal theory
  • The importance of social interaction
  • Nurturing the soul
I began the course at a cross-roads in my life and was not sure I was doing the ‘right’ thing, nor whether I would manage to stay the 4 years. However, from the first weekend in my new ‘group’, I was totally taken by the personal attention I received, and the experiential aspect, which is fundamental to the biodynamic training. At each weekend meeting I became more and more immersed in this work, as I was discovering more and more about the most important person in my life – me!

This/I was an epic tale with which I wanted to be totally involved, at the same time I was re-discovering the depths of my being, learning to feel my feelings, not just acknowledge them mentally, and my relationship to myself and others became an authentic reality, not just a vague notion of role-playing.

The tutoring is first class. I was supported and encouraged throughout my training by my peers and the training staff, personally and emotionally. I can still feel the excitement of each weekend meeting and especially the seminars where we gathered as a group for 5 days. These times, although not always an easy place to be emotionally, dealing with real issues and people, were always filled with friendship, support and skilled tutors, creating a safe place in which to work. Knowing I was always in ‘good hands’ was a constant comfort, and allowed the risk-taking necessary to become clear of the past.


I first became aware of biodynamic psychotherapy at a health fair. I went to a talk and the minute I heard a short explanation of the work I thought it made perfect sense to treat the body and the mind as a whole unit – not one or the other. I felt a sensation in my gut and at that moment I knew that this was what I had been waiting to hear for many years. I was later to realise how important it is to listen to the gut and what it is saying. One week later I had a biodynamic treatment and after it I felt very whole and that I could conquer the world – it was a wonderful feeling – I felt huge joy and excitement and I literally skipped home

“I did my 4-year training in biodynamic psychotherapy and massage with a wonderful team of trainers and assistants and I will always remember their love, dedication and care for me. The training held some of the most wonderful experiences I have encountered in my life and it has changed me and my path in life forever. I think the work is profound, it is applicable to so many aspects of life and it is good and precious work.

It helped me to restore my confidence in myself and gave me the strength to live the life I wanted to live.

TW Graduate


Review of course content and completion

  • The way forward – options and choices


“The course has just the correct balance of psychological and body work. I have had the privilege of meeting the most fantastic, interesting and genuine people from different walks of life. This Institute is THE Institute in the field and it was a privilege to see how Gerda Boyesen’s core values have been incorporated into the training.”                          Student



You can study the Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine with us in the UK and Ireland. We can also offer this Course in
other countries by Invitation. See our website for current information.


  • UK and Ireland: monthly meetings of eight weekends (Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday) plus one five-day seminar over 10
  • Overseas: five x five day seminars bi-monthly over 10 months


We use quality venues and accommodation settings in each of the countries we work in, so that you can look forward to a relaxing
and nourishing experience on all levels while training with us.


The Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine is led by Mary Molloy, Principal of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine, and Gill
Bell, Deputy Training Director, plus other Senior and Visiting Trainers with Assistants.


Mary Molloy

Mary Molloy is the Founder and Principal of the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine and the Biodynamic Clinic. She graduated from
Lancaster University in 1975, with a BA honours degree in Philosophy and Sociology with Law. She trained and qualified in
biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy with Gerda Boyesen at the Gerda Boyesen Centre in London;. She was Training and
Clinical Director of the Gerda Boyesen International Institute, working closely with Gerda for many years. She trained hundreds of
students over 40 years in the UK and Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA. Mary is committed to the full integration of
biodynamic philosophy, principles and clinical methods into the field of medicine, neuro-science, physics and energy medicine and
to further substantial research and clinical trials in this field.


Gill Bell

Gill Bell is the Deputy Training Director and a Senior Fellow of the Institute. She is also qualified as a primary school teacher and
gained a B.Ed at Roehampton University, London. She developed a lifelong interest in the arts and became Administrator of the
Sligo Arts Festival. Gill has over 20 years’ experience as a licenced biodynamic psychotherapist. She is a licensed biodynamic
trainer, supervisor and group leader, and offers biodynamic mentoring for people who need a place to work through any matters
arising from their work. Gill maintains her practice in Strandhill, Co Sligo, Shankill, Co Dublin and Killala, Co Mayo.

Course fees 

Registration fee – payable when you accept your place on the course: £100
Tuition fees: £3,750
Payment options:
  • Pay the full amount when you register to receive a £250 discount or
  • An Initial payment of £750 at registration, followed by 8 monthly instalments of £375 by Standing Order
Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Student Membership:

£60   (payable on registration)



Related costs

Individual biodynamic psychotherapy sessions:


£60  per hour

Course requirement: 30 hours

OR pay £1,500 in advance, a
discount of £300

Accommodation and travel:

Allow £50 / €60 per day for full board and accommodation

Travel not included

Loudspeaker stethoscope – available through the Institute: Approx. £280
Treatment couch – available through the Institute: £350 – £450 depending on the model you choose



How to apply

If you would like to apply for a place on our Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine course, please:

  • Complete and submit the application form at the top of this page.
  • Include a copy of your CV with two photographs and a personal statement (of up to 1,000 words) summarising your reasons for applying.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you to arrange an interview. We may do this in person, or by phone or Skype, depending on where you are based.

We will discuss your interest and what you would like to gain from training with us, and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the course, the Institute and how the training works.

Admissions procedure

All applicants have to attend an Institute Introductory Weekend, prior to the Foundation Course.

For the Foundation Course to work in the most effective way, we focus on ensuring each group has the right balance of people, who will work well together and benefit from learning about, and experiencing, the biodynamic approach.

We are looking for applicants with:

  • A good standard of education
  • A keen interest in their own learning and the biodynamic approach
  • Sufficient personal and financial resources to be able to undertake this course, including payment of the tuition fees, individual biodynamic sessions, travel and accommodation costs and related course materials.

We recognise the value of experience gained from all areas of life, particularly experience you regard as being important.


We will ask you to disclose your current legal status, psychiatric history (if any) addiction related history (if any), current or past diagnosed medical conditions (if any) and criminal convictions (if any). We will not withhold the opportunity to join the course on any grounds that are unrelated to the suitability and competence of an applicant to undertake this training.

Letter of offer

If your application is accepted, we will send you a letter of offer, setting out the Institute’s terms and conditions, and a contract of training. We will ask you to sign and return your contract, and when this is received, with your registration fee, your place on the course will be confirmed.

Overseas students

As an international Institute, we warmly welcome students from all countries. We support genuine applications for visas to train, subject to the law and Home Office equivalent regulations.

Student Membership of the Institute

After registration, you will be admitted as a student member of the Institute.

Notification of changes

We reserve the right to change our policies, requirements for graduation, programme structure or fees, in line with the Executive or Professional Standards Committee and relevant accrediting bodies in the UK and Europe.


Research: healing from the effects of trauma – the biodynamic approach

Having seen the positive results of biodynamic treatments and sessions for over 30 years, in 2011 the Institute of Biodynamic Medicine sought an evidence-based, objective assessment of the effectiveness of the biodynamic approach in healing from the effects of trauma, howsoever caused.

We collaborated with a US university, and a national network for organisations in Ireland offering services for women who had suffered domestic violence.

The main question we addressed was: ‘Can short-term, biodynamic interventions help women in the recovery phase of domestic violence, to reduce physical and psychological problems, and promote health and wellbeing?’

Methods: Women receiving domestic violence services were recruited. A group of eight received biodynamic interventions, including a two-and-a-half-day group workshop, followed three weeks later by a three-to-five-hour biodynamic session with a lead therapist, in the presence of other senior biodynamic practitioners. Each woman was interviewed and completed a survey before the interview, after six weeks and after six months. This was followed by a randomised control trial.

Results: In the first study, women’s quality of life was improved and maintained, and the women were better able to seek help and manage their lives. In the control trial, emotional symptoms were greatly reduced and the women had more vitality, and a better quality of life.

Conclusions: The intervention and treatment protocols developed during this research have been shown to be effective in healing from the effects of trauma and have now been incorporated into the Institute’s practices. The findings were presented at the 2nd World Congress of Women’s Shelters in Washington DC in the USA. We have since developed specialised training and protocols so that these interventions can be shared widely with other healthcare professionals and practitioners. An overview of this research and findings will be presented in the Foundation Diploma in Biodynamic Medicine course.


For further details; or to book on the next Introductory Weekend; or to discuss your interest in training with the Institute you can contact is below.

Tel: +353 (0)96 32514

Mob: IRL +353 (0)86 874 3958

UK: +44 (0)7974 355775

My life has been transformed as a result of my training with the Institute. I am still me but more me, so many parts of myself once hidden have opened up to me, to enhance my life and to give me so much more joy and peace. I see the world differently; I see it through a much more expansive lens. I feel whole, all that is me is me without judgement and I realise that I like me a lot!

My training enabled me to know my vulnerability and strength and to embrace both for my life. That I have needs, was a revelation to me, that I can have my needs met was a liberation. I CAN have all my needs met before I die, the very idea blew my mind and enabled a liberation in my cells, the sheer joy of living and dying in peace, no longer tormented or driven by unfulfilled needs, the world needs to know this, to know this simple healing principle.


My training helped me to feel my emotions, allow them, articulate them, and clarify my position in staying with them. I began to feel connected to the world in a new and energetic way. It helped me to get beyond my neurotic self. It facilitated my experience of energetic pulsation and rhythm.

The structure of training, in holding me, provided me with a safe way to come through to love myself and to radiate that into the world. I learned to look for and see the beauty and nature and humanity of people beyond “the matter”. It helped me to clear away the residues of trauma, shock and grief, and the trainers were examples to me of how I could live.

TW Graduate

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