We are pleased to advise that all our biodynamic services are now available online whilst we are AT HOME.

Working on the body without touch, unblocking and ensuring the flow life energy – bio-dynamic – providing a safe and secure environment to talk through and work out any and all experiences and navigating our way moment by moment, day by day through these extraordinary times.

Through the Biodynamic Clinic Online and through our Register of Licenced Biodynamic Practitioners, We offer regular  1 hour, 90 mins, 2 hour, 2.5 hour or 3 hour individual sessions by appointment.

We also offer mini and normal individual biodynamic programmes over 2-5 Days

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Gentle Healing of Mind and Body – Nurturing the Soul

The Institute of Biodynamic Medicine Ltd (IOBM) – formerly the Gerda Boyesen International Institute of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy Ltd (GBII) – and its clinical arm The Biodynamic Clinic, have transformed the lives of many people by helping them to restore their natural health, peace of mind and emotional well-being. Clinical Psychologist Gerda Boyesen (1922-2005) established a new branch of knowledge known as biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy. This is a biological and psychological approach to understanding the human condition. As well as the traditional fields of psychology and psychotherapy plus physical and emotional well-being, biodynamic knowledge is increasingly being applied in the evolving fields of epigenetics, neuro-science, targeted therapies, trauma recovery, energy medicine, conflict resoluton. The biodynamic approach and perspective can bring new understanding and subsequent resolution to many biological and psychological upsets. Gerda Boyesen’s findings are confirmed by new research and discoveries in physics, medicine, cell biology, epigenetics and neuro science. Her theories throw new light on the important concept of ‘life energy’ and ‘nervous fluid’ and how this is cleared and regulated organically in the body, enabling true freedom for the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Biodynamic Medicine

Medicine is defined as the ‘art of healing’. ‘Biodynamic Medicine’ is defined as the art of healing in accordance with biodynamic principles. With the emerging evidence basis for well established biodynamic practices, IOBM is engaged in the development and application of these methods and new protocols to grow the field of Biodynamic Medicine.

Good Practice and Research

Working complementary to and along side the medical model, these methods are carefully adapted to individual needs, as well as being informed by established and developing protocols. Clinical data compiled from research studies, medical tests of our clients across a wide range of bio-markers, and anonymised case studies form a valuable ‘body’ of knowledge helpful to all interested in health and well-being. Further clinical trials are now being developed to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of biodynamic treatments through physiological bio-markers, tools to measure psychological well-being, and bio-physical assessments.

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