Biodynamic Treatment Options


Many people come to biodynamic work for simple well-being and happiness, quality relaxation, pleasure and flow, to maintain vital health and strength and to enhance the joy of living.

Our professional biodynamic services are delivered through the work of the Biodynamic Clinic and with qualified therapists on the Register of Licenced Biodynamic Practitioners.

Initial Consultation and Treatment

First Appointment is 2 Hours

All Clients complete a Client Information Record prior to sessions commencing.

Ongoing Sessions

One to One individual biodynamic psychotherapy and biodynamic massage sessions are given by therapists from our Register of Licensed Biodynamic Practitioners.

We recommend a minimum of 20 hours and then review, up to 60 hours – and as needed in order to gain the optimum benefit from your biodynamic process.

This can be delivered as ongoing weekly or fortnightly sessions, or as ‘block therapy’ over a series of days.

Your personalised programme will be discussed and mutually agreed at the first consultation, including provision for review.

‘Block Therapy’ and Biodynamic Residential Retreats

As an alternative to ongoing regular sessions ‘block therapy’ involves a series of 2.5 hour (half-day clinic) or 5 hours ( 2 x 2.5 hour with lunch break) – day clinic – morning and / or afternoon sessions over 6 half days or 3 full days and beyond if required.

A unique and personal programme designed around you what you need at this point in your life. Especially for those who cannot attend for ongoing regular sessions because of travel or other difficulties, or who want help with a particular issue or phase in life, or who just need a boost, or to have time and space to be in a total biodynamic environment for relaxation and restoration.



The Biodynamic Approach


Gerda Boyesen stated that there are six main applications arising from the theories, concepts and principles of biodynamic psychology. These are

  • biodynamic psychotherapy
  • biodynamic massage
  • psychosomatic treatments
  • “deep-draining” (psycho-postural treatment)
  • vegetotherapy and bodywork
  • work with the bio-field (electro-magnetic field)

Gerda Boyesen was a Clinical Psychologist and Physiotherapist and Author.

She was interested without limit in all approaches that were consistent with easing pain and suffering, and supporting the life energy. As a consequence, she also modified and incorporated a broad range of ancient and modern philosophies, other methodologies and concepts and applied them in a biodynamic way.

Related approaches include Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s work with orgonomy, character analysis and streamings. They also include work based on the core theories, concepts and principles of Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr. Carl Jung including work with the unconscious, dreams, positive regression, guided fantasy, visualisation, image work and the imagination and synchronicity.

Other aspects of the biodynamic approach include eastern philosophy and medicine, bioenergetics, energy medicine, and current findings in the fields of medicine, science and neuro-science which have led to the establishment of a new field known as Biodynamic Medicine.

It is important to understand that, whatever the symptom or situation that brings a client to seek biodynamic help, we always treat the whole person, and not just the symptom.

This means that, when we work for example with a frozen shoulder, as the melting happens, feelings of relief and often joy or sorrow can bubble to the surface. We work with whatever arises in each session and we take it as it comes, working towards a “happy ending” in each session.

As the beneficial effects of biodynamic therapy become established the client comes more in touch with their essential nature known in biodynamic psychology as the “primary personality”.

Where once there were only symptoms, pain or contraction, isolation or fear, as the client’s health is progressively restored, the skills used by the biodynamic therapist will adapt and change accordingly.

The aim is to support the client to enter their biodynamic process and transformation entirely, and be fully supported in this.

As the client’s creativity is restored, the content of sessions can change also. There may be drawing, painting, singing, writing, movement, expression, joy as the life energy, often still shy, becomes liberated.

In life, clients can develop a new and keen interest in nutrition, develop different communication skills, end dysfunctional relationships, establish or revive fulfilling relationship (s) and advance in or change directions in their career.

They begin to experience synchronicity and esoteric aspects of life, and many develop an interest in natural remedies and the whole world of soul and spirit.

In IOBM, academic and philosophical rigour and openness to all knowledge consistent with biodynamic principles is a vital aspect of our ongoing work. It is essential to have respect for ancient and established knowledge, and to be open to the relief and hope of astounding new discoveries about life.



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