Biodynamic Workshops and Retreats

2 and 5 Day Groups – Can be Residential

Led By Mary Molloy with IOBM Senior Assistants



Nurturing the Soul – Reconnecting to Spirit 

What do we really need to nurture us? How do we find the nourishment we need, on all levels, in our lives?

How do we live our vibrant true potential? How do we build essential and satisfying relationships with Self and Others?

What do I want to do that is new for me?

In our groups there is a gentle exploration of what our true needs are, how we can build our capacity to live wholesome and satisfying lives, and how we can balance work and home life.

Whether we follow a particular path or not, we can often feel there is something missing in our lives, a deeper sense of connection and meaning.

By exploring ways to free trapped energy, and using music and dance, we provide an opportunity to find ways of accessing deeper or higher levels of experience.

When the life energy within us is liberated, it meets with the energy around us (“cosmic super-imposition”) and brings a new sense of connection.


Discovering Our Brilliance – Revealing Our Radiance

It is our natural birth-right to feel peace and real happiness, to be joyful and free, to feel that the trillions of cells in our bodies are dancing, co-operating and communicating with each other and, non-verbally, with all other alive beings.

However, this is not always the case.

Many of us have been brought up to be “humble”, not proud; we may have grown up with criticism more than encouragement, and we may not even recognise any talents that we do have.

We contract, hide, withdraw and often remain in obscurity.

This experiential group focuses on the link between psyche and soma, mind and body, recognising the effects of shock or traumatic experiences that are held in the body, and how we can eliminate these effects once and for all by completing emotional cycles, and come to peace.

We find ways to let our true qualities shine through, feel our own worth, radiate out into our field and reveal our brilliance.


Why Love Matters – The Biodynamic View

‘Biodynamic Psychology is based on Love’ Gerda Boyesen.

We all affect each other. At its most profound, this effect has been described by Wilhelm Reich MD as “cosmic superimposition”. a phenomenon where greater natural order spontaneously emerges when the cosmic energy superimposes with the biological energy in a human being.

This affect and effect can also take place in meetings between two people.

 Superimposition of two energy streams reaches, as a function, far beyond biology.’ Willhelm Reich MD

In the biodynamic approach, ‘cosmic superimposition’ provides an account of, and framework for, the phenomenon of Love in its most pure form.

Recognising Love’s cosmic as well as relational quality, this group is for all people interested in exploring the nature of Love, considering its effect, and most of all, re-igniting its role within our lives.


Getting “it” Out – The Great Escape

Sometimes, we hold things in, drag things out, go along with things,  hang onto things, swallow things, hold things down, let ourselves and others down, … but it just doesn’t work!

We can still feel under pressure or uncomfortable in our body.

Sometimes by talking things through, we can work them out, and resolve matters, but not always. 

The mind simply cannot work everything out – sometimes it has to come out through the body.

n our groups we introduce and demonstrate the vital importance of expression, completion of emotional cycles and restoration of full circulation and flow.

We introduce and demonstrate ‘stethoscope massage’ with a loud-speaker to demonstrate the healing function of “psycho-peristalsis”. the innate healing mechanism located in the gut – and the “ brain-draining” function of the glymphatic system.

Each can be activated to digests emotional experiences and eliminate hormonal stress remnants ‘once and for all’.

With these essential gut and brain functions restored – the bio- dynamic – life movement and flow – can return.

This brings the eternal qualities of freedom of expression, gentleness and joy home to the body and mind.

Flow brings peace and restores the foundation of real communication.


Firing the Mind – Igniting new Ideas

Recent discoveries in neuro-science confirm that we can change our patterns of thinking and create new neural pathways via positive ways of thinking.

In our groups we serve ‘notice to quit’ to our negative thought patterns, free our minds from mental interference and fire the new, clear mind with waves of inspiration and creativity.

Rest in natural great peace, this exhausted mind, beaten helpless by karma, and neurotic thoughts, like the senseless fury of the pounding waves, in the infinite ocean of samsara. Rest in natural great peace.” Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche


Opening of the Heart – Communicating with Tenderness


How often we all get hurt and close our hearts for fear of rejection!

This brings shutdown and withdrawal from relationships and social interaction.

In our groups we look at how the heart becomes ‘armoured’, and what what we can do to melt this armouring.

This includes coming out of the effects of ‘fight and flight’, and ‘freeze’ reactions, and through understanding the importance of ‘rest and digest’ recruiting life energy back into our ‘social engagement system’.  

Through specialised biodynamic exercises and processes we can learn how to open up, to follow our hearts, and to experience and express our own true love.


Transforming Your Life – Living Your Dreams


In our groups we explore how, as we find new ways to think, feel, love, express, relate, progress and heal, we can transform our lives into a more conscious and satisfying way of being.


Evolving the Brain – Coursing the Waves


Advances in the field of neuro-science and cell biology and the implications of this research are radically changing our understanding of life itself.

We now know the processes by which cells receive information and that genes and DNA do not control our biology.

DNA is in fact controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

Our lives and our bodies can be changed as we understand this information and retrain our thinking.

In our groups, within a safe and structured biodynamic environment we combine this knowledge with the biodynamic understanding that it is the spontaneous movement of life-energy that builds bridges across the divide and that brings alignment.

When the environment is safe and ideal – this restores neuro-ception regulation, facilitates permeability of the cell membrane, and restores clear communication and intelligent, vibrant health.

Workshop Leader

Mary Molloy BA Hons Fellow IOBM - Principal and Training Director IOBM

Mary has 40 years experience in the field of biodynamic psychology and worked extensively with Gerda Boyesen over several years. She is Founder and Principal of IOBM Ltd and The Biodynamic Clinic. She is fully committed to bringing the authenticity and simplicity of these effective therapeutic and clinical biodynamic methods and skills into the wider community and into everyday life.


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